A University Grants Commission Approved Journal
(under UGC-CARE, Arts & Humanities Citation Index)
ISSN 2582-2241


At a meeting of six members of CENERS-K in October 2016, the idea of publishing a journal was put forward. It won enthusiastic support. The Editor-in-Chief was appointed and an Editorial Board constituted. The journal was launched online exactly a year later in October 2017.

The Calcutta Journal of Global Affairs is the flagship publication of CENERS-K. The Journal publishes Research Articles, Comment & Analysis essays, and Book Reviews, encouraging a diversity of independent viewpoints and perspectives. These perspectives are a reflection of the diverse backgrounds of our authors who are international relations specialists, historians, political scientists, economists, diplomats, military officers, government officials, journalists, and independent scholars, as well as strategic affairs analysts and thinkers from other disciplines. Due to the diversity, our articles are written in a fluent and readable style easily understood across disciplines. The journal has an appeal to general readers as well as specialists.

The published articles engage eloquently with topics and issues that are both contemporary and historical. The 21st Century is the prime time period under study, but the 20th is of equal importance because several events and policies of the past are still impacting the present. Moreover, we still do not have a full understanding of our shared past because much documentary material has not yet been declassified and put in the public domain. To address these gaps, the Journal encourages authors to conduct research in multiple archives as new documents become available from time to time.

The Journal provides a forum for debate and discussion by publishing Roundtable Discussions, and the outcomes of Conferences.

It also offers authors an outlet to publish shorter op-ed type articles of 1,500 to 2,000 words under the Comment & Analysis section on a wide range of issues that fall within the journal’s areas of interest. Equally, the Book Review pages not only present an opportunity for scholarly discussion on academic books, but also on books that have a wider appeal to the general reader.